Peach, Cardamom & Pistachio Financiers

Peach, Cardamom & Pistachio Financiers // TermiNatetor Kitchen Peach, Cardamom & Pistachio Financiers // TermiNatetor Kitchen
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Peaches are in season, which means, of course, I just had to make some peach financers. These aren’t your Momma’s financers, though. These are made with pistachio meal, brown butter, and spiced with ground cardamom to make for the perfect late summer afternoon snack. I was inspired by both Chef John’s and Eva’s recipes, so I knew I needed to make some for myself. Financers are just a fancy name for an spongecake/muffin hybrid. A few years back, I tried this recipe for Peach & Pistachio Lassis and I fell in love with the combination of the cardamom, pistachios, and peaches working so well together. I decided to marry those three flavors into these financiers. For this recipe, I wanted to experiment and bit and work with different types of nut flours. I, for one, had no idea of the vast array and types of nut flours (and frankly, the different types of flours in general). There are so freaking many! Who knew!? Here I am in the landlocked Midwest, where all I’ve ever grown up knowing was all-purpose flour, learning and exposing myself to new types of flours, meals, and grains. It’s really cool! Oh no, you better watch out. My inner food nerd is coming out.


Gluten-Free Quinoa & Dried Blueberry Granola + senior year!

Gluten-Free Quinoa & Dried Blueberry Granola // TermiNatetor Kitchen
Gluten-Free Quinoa & Dried Blueberry Granola // TermiNatetor Kitchen
Hello, friend.

A bowl of Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, a drizzle of honey, and a handful of granola is what a perfect morning looks like to me. Add in a cup of coffee and any song by Branches playing in the background and I can’t think of a better way to start the day. Recently, I’ve been getting into the vegan & gluten free food movements. I’m neither vegan nor gluten intolerant, but I am still intrigued by the art and science that goes into constructing and reconstructing recipes that are vegan and/or gluten-free. There is something powerful about the art of repurposing and substituting one ingredient for another that I just love about developing any recipe. It’s the thrill of discovery. It’s trying new recipes and daring to relearn old ones. It’s the constant search of that ‘eureka’ moment. It’s the process of starting from nothing to ending with something beautiful and memorable.


Deep Dish Lemon Meringue Cream Pie + Thoughts from Nashville

Deep Dish Lemon Meringue Cream Pie
Thoughts from Nashville, TN // TermiNatetor Kitchen

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This recipe for deep dish lemon meringue cream pie is everything. The crust is warm, buttery, and flaky while the filling is chilled with the perfect balance of creaminess and lemony flavor. With a lightly toasted Italian meringue on top, it makes for a delectable summertime dessert. Truth be told, I made this pie a while back (ie. around the end of June) and have finally gotten around to posting it. Lemon meringue pie is one of my Grandma Cooley’s favorite desserts ever. Her lemon meringue pies are to die for. When she made hers, the crust is warm and flaky while the curd filling is silky smooth and finished off with a dollop of meringue that seems to float on top of the pie like little edible clouds. I knew I wanted to develop a version of my own. I had aspirations of making mine deep dish because…why not? 


Salted Caramel & Whiskey Apple Pie

Salted Caramel & Whiskey Apple Pie // TermiNatetor Kitchen
Salted Caramel & Whiskey Apple Pie // TermiNatetor Kitchen

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Is it too early in the season to share a recipe for apple pie? I don’t think so! When you taste this spiced-buttery goodness that is this pie you’ll understand why I’m sharing it now. My version puts a boozy twist on the classic recipe by using whiskey in the filling. A flaky, buttery crust creates the perfect contaminant for the sweet and tart cinnamon apple filling. The filling is made the night before allowing time for the apples to release their juices. These juices are then reduced in a pan over medium heat before being added back to the filling. Then it is lattice topped before being brushed over with an egg wash and sprinkling with sugar and baked until golden brown perfection. A warm salted caramel sauce is drizzled over the top for one of the BEST pies ever.


A John Daly with a twist

A John Daly with a twist | Lavender Lemonade & Peach Iced Tea // TermiNatetor Kitchen

 Hello, friend,

Can you believe that summer is almost over?? That’s a piece of news that's hard to swallow. Soon I will be back to school and starting my senior year of college. Truthfully, I’m genuinely excited about this year. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year. I hope to make the most of it! But that’s in the future, as of lately, it’s been too freaking hot here in the Midwest. Ugh!! The high humidity has been a lot to handle. It makes me feel sorry for the construction workers having to work out on the roads all day. It makes me wish for autumn where I can at least put on layers and not be sweat stricken sticking to the interior of my car. One can only hope (and wait!).


Slow Cooker Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches { collab with FiveStarSoda }

Slow Cooker Root Beer Pulled Pork with Spicy Slaw, Red Onions, & Root Beer BBQ sauce // TermiNatetor Kitchen

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Guys, I’m real sad. Summer is almost over! *insert sad face emoji* Where did the summer go? It feels like yesterday I had just turned in my last final exam. But it’s almost football and hoodie-wearing season and that makes me pretty excited. Tailgating and bonfires, sweaters and warm apple cider, and pumpkin flavored everything. Speaking of tailgates, I have the perfect recipe for one! This slow cooker pulled pork has a secret ingredient: root beer. A few weeks back I photographed the Homer Soda festival. One of the soda judges at the festival was FiveStarSoda. We didn’t have the chance to meet up which bummed me out. So I sent him a DM via Instagram seeing if he wanted to collaborate and the rest is history. On FiveStarSoda’s site, you are going to find a soda review for Capt’n Eli Root Beer. When you’re done reading this post, head on over there and tell him TK sent you.


Grandma Cooley's Zucchini Bread

Grandma Cooley's Zucchini Bread

Hello, friend. 

There is something so peaceful about a mid-summers day. The cooling breeze passing wafts of BBQ smoke through the air. The remains of used smoke bombs and sparklers scattered across the ground. Containers of half eaten potato salad and charred hamburgers and hotdogs fill the fridge up to the brim. We replace our red, white, and blues for the coming autumnal season full of yellows, oranges, and browns. This time is year is where we get to chance to breath before venturing into the second half of the year. And just to think the holiday season starts in less than 3 months.

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! And if you’re not from America, I hope you had a jolly day nonetheless. The family and I did as little as possible for our 4th of July. The only exciting part of our day was going to a friend’s cookout to watch some fireworks. Our family friends live out in the country, so you can stretch out in a lawn chair and watch multiple township’s fireworks shows at once! Kind of cool I think (makes me miss living in the country). In great food blogging fashion, I brought Mississippi mud pie for the occasion. The glorious culinary invention that is mud pie is essentially a chocolate lover’s paradise. It’s a chocolate Oreo crust, a chocolate cake layer, a chocolate pudding layer, and then whipped cream on top! I am obsessed!! I hope to make it again and write up post about it. #soon 


Gooseberry, Pear and Brandy Crumble

Gooseberry, Pear and Brandy Crumble // TermiNatetor Kitchen

Hello, friend. 

Until a couple weekends ago, I didn’t know that gooseberries even existed. I know, super-terrible-bad food blogger of me, but I digress. I was at my local farmer’s market when I stumbled across a booth with these round, green berries in turquoise blue containers. At first glance, they appeared to be perfectly spherical grapes or realllly tiny melons. Whatever they looked like, I was intrigued. I was curious as to what these little green gems could be used for. Asking Momma Crawford, she told of one of her aunts who used to make a gooseberry pie with mounds of sugar to help combat the tartness of the berries. A pie sounded delicious, but I knew exactly what I was going to do with these gooseberries and that was to make a crumble.