Cold Brew Coffee with Cinnamon Sugar Simple Syrup

Cold Brew CoffeeCold Brew Coffee     

It’s 7 AM. The early morning rays of sun light sneak their way through the closed blinds, cascading beams of soft ember light across your bed. The alarm clock on the night stand buzzes louder and louder with every second you stay lying in bed contemplating a hard day’s work or a day of laziness. The warmth of your bed, and the chilliness of what lies beyond the covers, beckons you to stay for a while longer. The thought of getting out of bed and taking on the day leaves knots in your stomach and a groan in your voice. The mere idea of dealing with the rest of humanity sends shivers down your spine. Why did God have to create Mondays?

Cold Brew Coffee Cold Brew Coffee Cold Brew Coffee
Spend a night with me (invitations welcome. Just kidding, Mom) and you’ll quickly see that I’m not a morning person. I am a full blooded night owl. 3 AM is a cakewalk compared to the agonizing reality of waking up at 7 or 8 o’clock in the morning. Both my parents and my brother are usually in bed by 10 o’clock most every night, while I’m up for hours either writing, stalking Tumblr blogs, going on a Pinning rampage at 2 o’clock in the morning, or just merely wasting my very existence on the Internet. When the morning sun does come up, I need something that’s going to wake me up and give me the energy to go out into the world and be a functioning member of society. My solution: Cold Brew Coffee. I love iced coffee, but making iced coffee at home is a tragedy. The minute you put the hot cup of steaming coffee into the pitcher of ice, the ice instantly melts and dilutes the coffee (into an endless sea of unhappiness and regret). Your whole day is ruined and it’s not even 9 o’clock yet! This is where Cold Brew comes in. 

Cold Brew Coffee Cold Brew Coffee

Rather than using hot water to brew the coffee, you steep the coffee grounds using cold water and letting the mixture infuse for 24 hours. I know 24 hours seems like 24 years (aren't we being a little dramatic?) but it is incredibly worth it. What you get is a more well-rounded subtle coffee that fumigates and gives off this sense of comfort and well-being. When talking to people about it, I describe it as a nutty tone of flavor. It’s gives the essence of that coffee house aroma that lingers rather than hits you in the face. I first found out about the exciting world of Cold Brew Coffee by stumbling onto a video on Jamie Oliver’s DrinkTube YouTube channel here.  Finally! A chance to drink iced coffee without the taste of crappy water. Plus, with this Cinnamon Sugar Simple Syrup, your coffee taste buds are not going to know what hit them.





Cold Brew Coffee
With a 20oz French Press
            1 cup Coffee Grounds
            4 cups of Water

Cinnamon Sugar Simple Syrup
            ½ cup of light brown sugar
            1/3 cup of maple syrup
            ½ cup of water
            1 teaspoon of cinnamon
            ½ teaspoon of cardamom

Cold Brew Coffee

            Pre-Step: Get out of bed and seize the day! You're a winner. 

Step 1: In a French Press of 8 ounce pitcher, add in your coffee grounds. In 2 cups increments, add your water. 
Note: For every ½ cup of coffee grounds added, you add 2 cups of water (hooray math!)

Step 2: Take a wooden spoon (or any doable spoon for that matter) and stir the coffee grounds into the water.
Note: Be prepared for a little bit of a mess. Coffee grounds are rambunctious and do not play by societies rules. Let your coffee grounds and water mixture sit for 10 minutes.

Step 3: After your coffee grounds have had time to mingle with the water, place a lid (or in my case, plastic wrap) over the cover. Place your French Press or 8 ounce container in the refrigerator and let brew for 24 hours. I usually brew my coffee in the morning, so the next morning I can drink it. (Hooray perfect timing!)

Step 4: 24 hours have passed and your coffee/water mixture will resemble the essence of tar (this is right). If you are using a French press, just do your thing and strain that mixture like a champ

Step 5: (if needed) If you are using an 8 ounce pitcher, you are going to use a fine-mesh strainer and paper towels for this task. In your sink, place a fairly large bowl in the sink. Hold a mess strainer with a paper towel or two covering the strainer over the bowl (this will act as your filter). Simply pour your coffee through the strainer. The paper towels will get clogged with mushy coffee grounds, so halfway through, replace the soggy/dirt/wet paper towel with new ones. This will make the filtering process easier and less traumatic.

Cinnamon Sugar Simple Syrup

Step 1: Grab a small sauce pan and put it on the stove. Toss in your brown sugar, maple syrup, water, and the cinnamon and cardamom. Turn your heat on to medium heat and whisk away. You want to whisk this mixture for 5 minutes, keeping your full attention on the syrup. Note: Sugar burns rather easily (even though it has such a sweet disposition, it always seems to get burned by societies high and unattainable standards.)

Step 2: After 5 minutes of vigorous whisking, let your mixture sit for 15 minutes. Put your syrup in an air-tight container for up to a week. 

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