Monday, February 16, 2015

Decadence, Raspberries, Tequila, and Birthdays

February is a crazy, hectic month. School is getting into full swing, another season at work begins, and the unrelenting pressures of love and groundhogs send us all over the edge. February makes December look like a cake walk, a walk in the park (I wouldn't suggest walking in the park; you might get frost bite or, even worse, a menial amount of exercise.) February is the month of birthdays in my family. My dad, aunt, and uncle all celebrate birthdays relatively close to each other. With all of our busy schedules, the family got together last Friday night to celebrate all the birthdays with chicken, tequila, and chocolate. 

With Tequila Lime Chicken baking in the oven, homemade re-fried beans doing their thing on the stove, and smoothly blended peach margaritas in martini glasses, our birthday fiesta was about to begin. Momma, buzzing around the kitchen like a bee on a mission, flew from dish to dish; inspecting, taste-testing, and judging (mostly my dishes, but you didn’t hear that from me.) Everything dinner wise was her idea and execution. With my apron tied around my waist (that sounds kind of unmanly, let’s try that again.) With my man-pron athletically tied around my man-hips (yes, much better), I aided Momma in her culinary endeavors.  

After seeing a video about Chocolate Decadence by Chef John at Food, I knew I had to make it. One, because chocolate is my aunt’s favorite food in the entire world. It’s almost an addiction she has with chocolate. Once at a family event, she put my grandma in a neck brace just to get a piece of chocolate pie (unfortunately, this story is untrue in every degree. In actuality, my aunt is the sweetest, most passive person I’ve ever met. She, in fact, does love chocolate though.) And two, because what doesn’t sound great about a dessert that consist of solely chocolate, butter, and eggs? It’s easy, it’s cheap, and it won’t leave you with a rash in the morning. 

The party went on without a hitch. “Happy Birthday” was sung in every pitch and octave known to man, an unnatural amount of cheese dip was consumed, and dessert was a major hit. This Chocolate Decadence was a complete success at the party. Everyone, including my aunt, fell in love with the dessert. It was rich, buttery, chocolate-packed, and, dare I say it, decadent. I served it with a fresh Raspberry Sauce (with help from Chef John) which turned out sweet and luscious, perfect to bite through the richness of the chocolate. I really had a thing for this sauce. I was soon inspired to make it again for a special drink recipe coming very soon. 

Lastly, Happy Birthday to Dad, Uncle Ken, and Aunt Pam! Thanks to my cousins, Jenna and KJ, and my brother Jon for being my hand models in the first photo. I made them help me (against their will) design the layout you see in the photos below. I learned a very valuable lesson by doing this; I’m the only person in the family who cares more about taking pictures of the food than actually eating the food.  Oh well, pickers can’t be choosers. Sometimes you just need some good pictures, a lot of laughs, and a strong drink. 

Link to Chef John at Food for this amazing recipe. His videos are funny, informative, and delicious (not the videos, the food). 

Chocolate Decadence

Raspberry Sauce

New recipe coming next week. Hint: It's another birthday theme. 

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