A TK Lookback 2015 + a time for reflection

Old Fashioned Coffee Cake
Vinny Parma Bread Lemon & Poppy Seed Pancakes
Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls with Gingerbread Spiced Icing 19240588943_c59fdb440d_o Roasted Tomato Soup with Pork Chop Grilled Cheese Sandwiches IMG_4879 19485013976_d79e3c33ae_o

Hello, friend.

First of all, Merry belated Christmas everyone! I sincerely hope you had a wonderful holiday.

And secondly, it is almost 2016! Yay!

So much happened in 2015. It is hard to describe the amount of joy and utter amazement I have regarding the events of the previous year. From launching the blog (my pride and joy!), to transferring schools and starting my junior year of college, a lot has happened to me this year. For my final post of 2015, I wanted to take a look back on the year, skimming through all the recipes, photos, writings, and extras!

In 2015, I wrote 44 blog posts, ranging in topics from a failed salted caramel sauce, a coffee cake for my parent’s anniversary, learning to roast peaches and even writing a travel guide from one of my favorite destinations. A lot happened outside of the blog as well. I launched TermiNatetor Kitchen as a small business. I was a featured interviewee for the National Stuttering Association’s “Get to Know” people who stutter column. I announced my bi-monthly column writing contribution for the NSA. I also competed in my first baking competition and got pneumonia that same week. Though most exciting, I tested and photographed a variety of recipes for Clabber Girl

You could say that 2015 was good year. 

It is astounding to think back to where I started almost three years ago, a scared and unsure freshman in college attempting to cook a casserole for the first time (which,  by the way, ended badly) to now a budding food blogger with hopes and dreams far beyond the blog. I’m so thankful for the opportunities I have received because of this little site called TermiNatetor Kitchen. Due to blogging, I’ve been able to break out of my emotional shell of insecurities and fears and be embraced by a community of fans and creators alike, who have a passion for food as deeply rooted as I do. Because of blogging, I have become the man I love to be.

I want to take this moment and say thank you. To all my friends and family who  have tried my food (all the good and the bad), to the companies that believed enough in my work to support and share it, and to the people of the Natetion, for being so incredibly supportive and loving through all my creative highs and lows. You are changing my life in more ways than one, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. It makes me joyful to know that someone out there finds inspiration and happiness through my recipes, photography, and writings. Your daily love and support is what fuels my fire of inspiration and keeps me going.

So what will be happening in 2016 on TermiNatetor Kitchen? That, my friend, is another post altogether. You’ll have to wait for the first post of 2016 to find out what is ahead for TermiNatetor Kitchen.

Until 2016,


Announcing the launch of TermiNatetor Kitchen


First food photo taken in 2015

Most recent 


Getting to work with Clabber Girl 

Capture IMG_5353 IMG_4542 IMG_4651 IMG_4726-002 IMG_3343 - Copy IMG_3801 Boston Brown Bread IMG_4347 IMG_3341 IMG_4732-001

Sponsored post from The Homer Soda Company 


Finally, just a big list of my favorite recipes, photos, and writings! 

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Feeling hungry? 

Want to get the recipes of the photos above? 

Click the links below or on the images above! 

Apple Strudel Coffeecake – Clabber Girl

Boston Brown Bread – Clabber Girl

Chocolate Chip Cake with Coffee Whipped Cream – Clabber Girl

Easy Pecan Rolls - Clabber Girl 

Pumpkin Patch Coffeecake – Clabber Girl

Southern Bourbon Pecan Pound Cake – Clabber Girl

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