What is ‘stuttering’?

Stuttering is a speech disability that inhibits the natural flow of speech (called disfluency). I was diagnosed with stuttering when I was five years old. Throughout my life, stuttering has been an unforgiving and merciless teacher. With stuttering, I have become a stronger and more confident communicator. I’m part of the 1% of adults who stutter. Through food blogging, I have been able to begin to start the journey of self-acceptance and how to find my voice. Below are a variety of musings and ramblings about me and my journey with stuttering. 

National Stuttering Association Interview
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  1. My dad has stuttered his whole life. It's much less noticeable these days (and he has been very successful in his personal relationships and career) but he has spoken a few times about how much it affected his childhood and his confidence as a young adult. He started learning the piano for similar reasons to your food blogging, from what I can see. He said it was a way to communicate and express emotion smoothly, as well as being attractive to girls (haha). Anyway, just wanted to say that its brave of you to speak out about your stuttering and to put feelings and strategies into words for those who are struggling with the same issues. Amazing stuff.

    1. Hi Laura. Thank you so much for sharing those kind words. Your father sounds like a truly inspiring person. My goal with the blog from the beginning was to share my journey with food and stuttering. I wanted to present my speech in a truthfully honest way. I'm so grateful that you find my work and my voice inspiring. It is comments like these that make the tireless hours cooking, photographing, and writing worth while.