Stylized Valentine's Masquerade Elopement Shoot

February 14, 2018


Hello, friends, 


Happy Valentine’s Day! This isn’t a typical recipe post like I usually share, this time it’s only all photos. Back story: A couple weeks back I was approached by Jenna from He & She Weddings to be apart of their masquerade-inspired stylized shoot. For the shoot, I was asked to make dessert, something decadent and sexy. My first response...chocolate (because obviously!) For the shoot I decided to make two different chocolate items; first was a Chocolate Hazelnut Tart with Fresh Raspberries and the other was Chocolate Espresso Truffles (more on these later in the post!) 


On the day of shoot, I packed up my car with the desserts and headed to Bloomington, IL. The shoot was held in this not yet renovated two story apartment space above a dive bar downtown Bloomington. There were holes in the floors and walls and cobwebs hung like christmas lights on the ceiling posts above, but we didn’t care! The space was absolutely beautiful. It had that rustic, vintage charm and I fell instantly in love. It was so fun to have been able to meet and work with some truly talented creatives for this shoot. Please make sure to check out their Instagrams below! 

V E N D O R S :


Curators/Stylists: He & She


Photography: Summer Leigha Photo


Videography: Joseph Smith Visuals


Models: Astrid and AJ Hutchison


Floral: Vera & Buck


Dessert: N. C. Stephens 


Hair and Makeup: Timothy John Salon (stylists below)
Makeup: Katie @timothyjohnsalon
Hair: Shelby @_shelbydunn


Stationary: Willow Wynn

Paper: @fabulousfancypants


Gown: Ivy & Aster


Ring: The North Way Studio


Hairpiece: Eden Luxe Bridal


Groom Shoes: Adrian's Shoe & Repair



















So let’s talk food! 


Can we take a moment to appreciate the perfection that is chocolate? What isn’t perfect about chocolate?! Chocolate can fix so, SO many problems. I’m one of those people who could eat chocolate everyday and it would never get old. Please tell me I’m not alone here! Both recipes were absolutely decadent and dangerously delicious! I could have devoured the entire tart myself. With its chocolate graham cracker crust to its rich chocolate fudge filling, it was pure bliss from bite one to the last bit of crumbs. All the flavors married beautifully with the tartness of the berries. The truffles were also a winner. They were fudgy, a little bitter, and velvety, oooooh so velvety. 


I have included links to the original recipes down below along with my recipe notes you can add to and use alongside! 



Chocolate Glazed Chocolate Tart


My adaptation: 

  • To the graham cracker crust I used regular graham crackers and added 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder along with ½ cup hazelnut meal (or any nut-based meal) and 1 tablespoon espresso powder. 

  • For the filling I used semisweet chocolate instead of bittersweet. I found the semisweet added the perfect about of sweetness without being too bitter. 

  • For the glaze I substituted the light corn syrup for honey and it work perfectly. 

  • For decoration I placed a ring of raspberries around the perimeter of the tart and then a bunch in the center. I then chopped up some toasted hazelnuts and sprinkled them in between the berries (this idea was courtesy of Momma Crawford!) 


Chocolate Truffles


My adaption: 

  • For the centers I opted with, again, the semisweet chocolate. I have a sweet tooth, what can I say?!

  • For the flavorings I went with the espresso powder + coffee liqueur combo (exact measurements the original recipe gave) and I fell in love! 

Get ready because I have a second blog post coming your way this Friday!! So stay tuned :) 

















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