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Roasted Strawberry & Basil Limeade | The Sober Drunk Ep 1

July 6, 2018

Say hello to summer with this recipe for Roasted Strawberry & Basil Limeade. All the ingredients come together in a pinch and are the perfect balance of fruity-sweet and sour lime. Cheers!


Hello, friend.


Soooo it’s been roughly five hundred years since I posted last (okay, maybe like 2 months but still). If you haven’t seen on my Instagram, I recently moved to Chicago! That’s right, I packed up my life and moved up here to the Windy City to take a Marketing Manager position. I am beginning to fall deeply in love with this crazy city. I had taken about two months off from blogging to find a place, move, and settle in. Though now I’m back and excited to share a new series I’m sharing on my Instagram TV (IGTV) channel; The Sober Drunk.


So, rewind a couple months back. I was back home sitting on my porch, drinking some sweet tea and reading a book on cocktails. While flipping through the pages and in between sips of tea the thought popped in my head ‘Why isn’t there a cookbook on craft mocktails?’ This idea turned into a brainstorm which turned into The Sober Drunk. I will be sharing signature craft mocktail recipes in video form on my IGTV channel and the recipes will live here on the blog.


Comment down below what mocktail flavor combo I should work with next!






Roasted Strawberry & Basil Limeade


// Original roasted strawberry recipe

Basil simple syrup recipe

Limeade recipe adapted





Mocktail – per drink

2-3 roasted strawberries*

1 shot lime juice, freshly squeezed

1 ½ shots basil simple syrup**

2-3 fresh basil leaves, plus some for garnish


Lemon lime soda, enough to top off the drink


Roasted Strawberries*

1 lb. strawberries, halved

¼ cup organic cane sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Basil Simple Syrup**

1 cup water

1 cup organic cane sugar

1 cup fresh basil leaves





Basil simple syrup. Combine the water, sugar and basil leaves in a small saucepan. Bring mixture to a boil over medium-high heat until the sugar dissolves. Simmer for 1 minute. Remove from the heat and allow syrup to steep for about 30 minutes. Pour syrup into a sterilized glass jar through a mesh strainer to remove the basil leaves. Allow to cool completely before chilling.


Roasted strawberries. Preheat the oven to 350 F. On a large parchment lined baking sheet or cast-iron skillet, toss together the berries, sugar and vanilla. Bake for 28-30 minutes or until caramelized and fork tender. Allow berries to cool completely before adding them to the drink.


Assembly. In a highball glass, mash 2-3 of the roasted strawberries with a muddler. Add in the lime juice, syrup and basil leaves. Stir to combine. Add ice and top off with lemon-line soda. Gently stir to combine. Top with slice of strawberry, lime and basil leaf. Serve immediately.


Note: You will have enough strawberries and simple syrup for 4-6 drinks.




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